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Welcome to Cairns Scooter Hub

Your local, go-to scooter supplier. From petrol to electric, we stock scooters to suit all your needs.

We are one of 20 Pista Scooters dealers Australia wide. Our athletic, dependable Pista 50 and 125 scooters are agile, with a modern sportsbike-inspired style, clever functionality, and striking LED lighting to set you apart from the crowd.

The Pista 50 2T is an eco-friendly ride, so you can save on fuel while cruising the streets in style.

Up the ante with the Pista 125 and its 125cc four-stroke engine. Choose from the Pista 125, fuelled by a tried-and-true carburettor, or the Pista 125 EFI for punchier performance and optimum fuel efficiency.

The Pista 50 is a learner-approved and car licence friendly, meaning they can be ridden in Queensland and Western Australia if you hold a regular driver’s licence.

Ready to go electric? Look no further than Benzina Zero, an Australian sustainable scooter brand with Italian roots.

Enjoy the sleekness of the Benzino Zero Sport, equipped with twin 35Ah batteries and a twin speaker Bluetooth audio system so you can cruise the city and take the party with you. The Benzino Zero Sport has 4100w of power and a top speed of 80km/h – travel further, faster, with zero emissions and zero noise.

Love an old-school vibe? Feel like you’re cruising the Far North Queensland Coastal road on the VASTO, a classic-looking moped with a modern twist: plug it into any wall socket to recharge. You’ll never have to find a petrol station again with this zero-emission piece of Italy!

Ride the Benzina Zero Duo, Benzina Zero City and Pista 50 with just a car license in QLD, NT, WA and SA and but the Benzina Zero Duo+, Benzina Zero Sport and Pista 125 require a motorcycle license (LAMS Approved).

Say “ciao” to emissions with Benzina Zero.

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